Comme des Garçons Wonderoud smells WONDERFUL. This wood-based scent doesn't smell like your old musty ass attic — nah, this is a straight up sweet and sultry mixture of beautiful salt-kissed driftwood and sex. Lots of sex we hope. With notes of oud, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, and guaiac wood this scent will be a favorite of yours, and hers. Yeah, it smells so good our girlfriends have even been caught spraying it on when we're not looking, thus making us look like crazy couples that are attached at the hip. It's all good though, Wonderoud is so good that we don't mind smelling it on women — it's pretty soft and NOT for lumberjacks.

This is the perfect scent for fall and the earlier winter months so get it right and get it tight and cop yourself a bottle of this. At $113 a bottle it's definitely more expensive then the bullshit you can grab at Macy's, but it will be nice to have something unique to yourself. That is, until everyone you know buys a bottle.