The three dudes in Clipping. make a clattering, genre-busting brand of hip-hop, melding Daveed Diggs' no-frills lyricism with Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson's kitchen sink approach to building spare and abrasive electronic arrangements  — on their Sub Pop debut CLPPNG, one beat primarily consists of an alarm clock beep. "Story 2" might be the most lyrically impressive song on that album, with Diggs working double and triple time and eventually gaining steam as the beat tumbles downhill and gains speed. The press release for the video claims the track "contains more time signature changes and metric modulations than any other rap song ever recorded," which is just another way of saying it gets your fucking blood pumping.

The visual, directed by their frequent collaborator Cristina Bercovitz, cleverly keeps the focus on the adrenalized beat and lyrics, featuring nothing but a pair of feet shuffling along a sidewalk, sometimes tripping, sometimes running, in sync with the music until the climactic finish. Check it out.

[via FACT]