Cav Empt (C.E.) F/W 2014 is one of the better collections we've seen that mixes streetwear and fashion in a tasteful manner. The killer collection should come as no surprise: The brand is run by men of mystery SK8Thing and Toby Feltwell, both of whom you should probably know. SK8Thing has had ties with brands such as Bape, BBC/Ice Cream, and WTAPS — so the guy knows his shit, especially in streetwear. Toby Feltwell was also at BBC and NOWHERE while serving as an advisor to NIGO® (the guy who created Bape and apparently is a registered trademark). Both of these creators are nothing to be trifled with, and neither is this Cav Empt collection. The duo is known for the artfully modern graphic images on their apparel.

Honestly, the shit just looks dope. If you want to look cool you should probably own some Cav Empt. The brand is still pretty under the radar thanks to limited runs and rappers not knowing too much about them yet. We're pretty sure 2 Chainz is going to find some way to rhyme Cav Empt with some ridiculous word like "cereal" pretty soon. Wear C.E. now and be cooler than 2 Chainz.