We finally got a new run of Carven and man, were we desperate. The difference with this run as opposed to other collections of Carven is that it's lacking one of the things the house has made its name on — color. Guillaume Henry, head designer at Carven, has a very magnanimous and charming personality, which seems to fit Carven's signature color aesthetic perfectly, so this run of sweaters and blazers is a refreshing/depressing change of pace. Don't get us wrong, this is a welcomed change of pace, and we love everything Henry has put out since he's taken over the reigns in 2009. Henry has been coming on very strong as of the last 2 years though, and we've taken notice, so you should too.

Some personal favorites of ours are the leather derby boots and the herringbone blazer. They're 2 items that would work well in any wardrobe and can be paired with almost anything you try to throw at them.

You can pick up some of the gear here, and keep your ear out for the label during Paris Fashion Week.