Choosing a walk-up song in baseball is pretty important. Like, think about if you had to pick a theme song to follow you around as you shop for groceries and go to the bank and stuff. You'd think long and hard about what that song would say about you. Which brings us to one of the strangest, yet coolest walk-up song moments in baseball history.

Until last night, Tony Cruz was just a light-hitting backup catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. Actually, he's only playing because Yadier Molina is on the DL. Now, though, Tony Cruz is an Internet legend. Why? Cruz had the Cards play the Matthew McConaughey chest-thumping scene from The Wolf of Wall Street as his walk-up music prior to a 9th-inning at-bat against the Tampa Bay Rays. You know, this shit:

It actually makes sense as walk-up music, because this speech ended up inspiring Leo DiCaprio's character to do just about everything he did the rest of the movie — from the drugs to the jerking off to, you get the idea. See the full quality video from the broadcast here. And check it out from the outfield below:

Sure, Cruz went 0-for-2 and the Cardinals lost 7-2, but he's winning big-time at life with this move. We can't wait to see if he expounds on this theme in future at-bats. Well, if he ever gets any. Considering dude hits .211 and has only two career home runs, there's a very high chance this moment will wind up as his career highlight.

[via NESN]