Clément Taverniti, designer and all around nice guy of Still Good clothing, is really onto something with his S/S 15 collection; the Parisian brand completely blew us away at the Capsule trade show this week while still being able to mostly fly under the radar in their tiny but dense booth. Known for mixing a streetwear aesthetic with a French elegance while trying to keep the clothing as affordable as possible, Clément Taverniti did just that and delivered a very strong S/S 15 collection.

Now, we could only bring you photos of a few pieces — we couldn't give it all away, but we can promise you guys that Still Good will have next summer on smash with a darker color palette, well-made jackets, and even some cozy boy gear to keep it all relaxed. As you can tell from the photos above, Still Good used a...good...amount of synthetic material to keep most of their S/S 15 stuff very breezy and wearable into the warmer summer months. We don't know about you guys, but we need all the breeze we can get while wearing darker clothes in the hot summer sun.

Still Good is a serious brand to look out for in the coming months but if you'd like to get a taste of what they have now you can visit their web store. We're serious fans of the brand and will go as far as calling Clément one of the top young designers in the game right now. If you'd like to get to know Clément a little better check out this interview he did with Hypebeast a couple of years back for one of his older collections. The guy is so humble and passionate about his clothing that it's hard not to like him.