Brooks Chariots were an essential running sneaker back in the '80s, owing to such cutting-edge technologies as the diagonal rollbar, molded tri-layer insole, and solid rubber outsole. Nowadays, every sneaker features those sorts of bells and whistles, but back then this kind of tech was unheard of. Thirty years later, Brooks Chariots' design is what makes them a great lifestyle shoe.

You know who really needed a pair of Brooks Chariots? Gladiators. How unbearably swagless do you think Julius Caesar was looking when he was strapping up wack chancletas with four buckles? Now, imagine Julius Caesar wearing Brooks Chariots while riding a chariot with four wenches hanging off the back, feeding him grapes, while he fights a gang of tigers, blindfolded. Sounds like the first Roman rap video. He probably would've also survived that poison because these sneakers wouldn't have made him such a little bitch.

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