This "trade" would have made sense in, like, 2010—when Jason Kidd was an aging veteran PG.

Today, he is an NBA head coach. And soon, that title will apply to his role with the Milwaukee Bucks, not the Brooklyn Nets, where he was hired a year ago (about a week after his official retirement as a player).

The Nets and Bucks agreed today on compensation for Kidd going from Brooklyn to Milwaukee, in the form of two second-round picks, per ESPN.

What happened?

Sounds like JKidd made a "power play" that wasn't appreciated by the front office in BK. To which Kidd said, "I'm out." The best Brooklyn could do to salvage things was get a pair of probably-meaningless draft picks in return (one of which actually used to be their own pick, traded away in a previous transaction).

Perhaps the most disturbing part of all this is the new wave of head coaches in the NBA stumbling into money and power without any previous coaching experience, without so much as a weekend between being on a roster vs. managing one. Sup, Derek Fisher.

In Milwaukee, Kidd will mold No. 2 overall pick Jabari Parker. You know, once the Bucks inform current head coach Larry Drew that he's been replaced.

And in BK, the coaching search is on, with Lionel Hollins reportedly leading the list of candidates. Perhaps more importantly, free agents like Shaun Livingston and Paul Pierce will have some big decisions to make.