When the Miami Heat's "Big Three" all opted for free agency earlier this NBA offseason, it wasn't unexpected. Most around the league figured all three would return to South Beach for another run at the NBA Finals, perhaps after structuring their contracts and helping Pat Riley and Co. survey the market for key additions.

Sure, LeBron's agent would take some meetings, hear some pitches. Bosh would likely do the same.

Sunday night, though, "doing due diligence" became full-on chaos around the league. According to a report from ESPN, the Cleveland Cavaliers believe they have a real shot at landing James, and Bosh is considering jumping ship for $96 million with the Houston Rockets.

It all started with this nonchalant tweet from ESPN's Chris Broussard:

From there, without LeBron having met with anyone or said anything, the story has taken on a life of its own. The Cavs scrubbed the infamous Dan Gilbert comic sans-letter from their official website. The rumors started.

True or not, in theory, the domino effect could make for major shifts across the NBA landscape.

If LeBron were to make amends in Cleveland, and Bosh bolted for H-Town, where would that leave Carmelo Anthony? Dwyane Wade? Eric Bledsoe? Greg Monroe? Lance Stephenson? Gordon Hayward? STEVE BLAKE?!?

For now, we wait. It could be ten days before any movement actually happens with the Big Three. In the meantime, all of these people might want to repent for their sins: