The Boondock Saints, a 1999 crime film with Tarantino aspirations and a Willem Dafoe star turn, became a cult hit thanks to teens like me who heard about it through word of mouth (that antiquated way news used to spread, like Twitter but with talking to people who are in the same room as you), proceeded to download it from Kazaa, watched it, and then had to tell LITERALLY EVERYBODY we knew how AWESOME it was. Does the film hold up? I have no idea, haven't watched it in about a decade. There was a sequel, which looked pretty lame, and I don't know anyone who has seen it, even though LITERALLY EVERYBODY I knew in the early aughts loved the first one.

Well, now there's a third installment on the way, so we'll all have an excuse to go back and revisit the first two. Director Troy Duffy said in a Facebook Q&A that he'd be teaming up once again with MacManus brothers actors Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus for The Boondock Saints 3: Legion to complete the trilogy. No word yet on when production starts.

You'd think after the success of The Walking Dead, Reedus would be able to move on from the Boondock Saints universe for good, but nah.

[via Mass Appeal]