Bobby Shmurda has a trapped-out new song on the way, and with its hook, "Oh you don't know, they call me Bobby, bitch" (that comma is v crucial), it sounds like it'll serve as his introduction to the, like, four people out there who still don't know who he is.

His GS9 cohort Rowdy Rebel posted an Instagram video featuring a snippet of the track, along with Shmurda dancing along to it. But for this new dance to catch on, it'll need a name as iconic as the Shmoney Dance. And so — what should we call it?

Proposed names for the Shmoney Dance successor:

*Shmoney Hop

*Brooklyn Shake


*The Bobby

*Goldeneye Dual Wielder




*Street Sweeper

*Trap Snap

*Itchy Trigger Finger Scratch

*Twitchy Twist

*Tango & Cash