While Germany was savoring their winning (albeit brief) moments with the World Cup trophy, they had an equally gilded gift waiting for them back in the locker room thanks to the godfather of rap music.

Beats by Dre is sending the team, and coach Jaochim Loew, with 24 custom pairs of "24-karat gold dipped" Beats Pro's as a small consolation for having their trophy locked away before boarding their flight back to the motherland. Unfortunately for the footballers, this won't include Naomi Campbell who was photographed by Rankin sporting the headphones in a portrait series aptly titled "Golden."

These beauties were made by the same team who crafted the Draft Punk Helmets and the MTV VMA Astronaut, so you won't be finding them at your local Best Buy. To get the same look, Beats has also released the Champagne Studio's for those of us balling on a budget — we're talking to you Argentina. —Zach Weiss