The science of turning up has finally been revealed. When you're shouting at people to get on your level while listening to that new Danny Brown x Rustie joint and feeling like The Hulk, it's not just because you love a good party. According to a new study from Dennis Hsu at Northwestern University, people listening to bass-heavy music report and show more feelings of power and dominance.

Hsu tested 31 pieces of music, playing 30 second clips to people and seeing how it affected their sense of power, and the results were published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal. Hsu concluded, "Our findings provide initial evidence for the potential strategic use of music, especially in situations where people need to feel empowered. People might want to explore whether pumping up their favorite tunes can quickly ease them into an empowered mental state before going into a first date, an important client meeting, or a job interview."

So go blast some Skrillex, turn the fuck up, and kick in the door to your boss's office.

[via NME]