We first came across Berlin-based trio Ballet School with the effervescent, nostalgia-inducing "Crush" late last year, and now they return with "Lux" just as they landed a Band to Watch honor over at Stereogum. Now, look, we hate playing the pedigree game because it's derivative to say something is derivative of this other thing that came before it combined with this other other thing that came before it... but also we love playing the pedigree game because it actually does help people decide if it's the type of thing they'd dig. And with these guys, it's just so easy to play "spot the influence," but we mean this as a complete compliment because Ballet School's music thus far is so pretty that it just brings to mind other really fucking pretty bands that we love. So here goes: Ballet School sounds like Cyndi Lauper fronting M83 doing a Cocteau Twins cover. Maybe throw in some Beach House.

Of course, there are plenty of bands who immediately conjure descriptors like "'80s" and "dreamy" and "John Hughes," but there's something more here. We're not sure what it is yet, but it might have to do with the fact that they have a striking visual presence to accompany this pristine guitar pop. They seem to have a complete vision in mind. Check out the hyper-stylish "Lux" video, which was directed by Nova Dando.

"Lux" is off their debut album The Dew Lasts An Hour, which is out September 9, and we can't wait to hear the whole thing.