Hippie cool guy (oxymoron) brand Axs Technology is out here making tie-dye hot again and we can't believe it. Why? Well, when's the last fucking time you actually wanted to wear tie-dye, bro? We thought so. Anyway, Axs Technology is heavily influenced by rock climbing and it's definitely apparent in these awesome cotton canvas items. Cotton canvas is a widely used fabric in high-ranking hippie circles and super durable just in case you ever wanted to actually get physical in these items, but let's be honest you're all just going to buy that bucket hat and take a bunch of Instagram photos in your backyard while you drink Bud Lights. Hey, we don't judge.

Each of the dyed garments are individually hand-dyed, giving each piece a unique pattern. Pair any of the tie-dye gear with that awesome crewneck sweatshirt with side zips and  you've got yourself a heat-rock of an outfit. Remember, these garments are all one-of-a-kind so you will feel it in your pockets; the collection goes from $117-225 on the Axs Technology web store with the cheapest item being the bucket hat. Grab one of these awesome pieces today and be the freshest hippie at Joshua Tree.