The 2014 NFL season is off and running after a thrilling Week 1 Sunday that included touchdowns, cool highlights and HOLY CRAP ANTONIO BROWN DROP-KICKED A PUNTER IN THE FACE. Poor Spencer Lanning, the feeble Cleveland Browns punter who was just trying to do his job — you know, pretend like he was actually about to tackle an actual football player at full speed — and instead got a face full of cleat. The absurd move cost Brown a penalty, but the finishing move will live on forever, as immortalized by dozens of Vine dub videos, like the one below (an impeccable blend of Bobby Shmurda and 300). The best, though, is the 30-second bit of genius you see above, which essentially makes the Steelers wide receiver into the Karate Kid, with the approving eye of Mr. Miyaga watching all along.

To his credit, Lanning was a good sport about the whole thing. Then again, he might actually have been concussed so bad that he couldn't remember the public humiliation of having another human being step on his head.

UPDATE: Lanning, the humiliated punter, had to delete the Twitter app off his phone. BRUH.