Teddy Santis' brainchild Aimé Leon Dore is back, this time with some pre-Fall wear that you might be able to rock well into October if this global warming shit holds up like Al Gore says it will.

At a quick glance we we're just like, "Ahh, more cool ALD shit. Nbd nbd nbd," but after checking the stuff out, for real, we have to say that the details are what's really putting this collection over the top. In particular, the chino short combines the waistband of ALD's signature sweatpant with a chino trouser, keeping all types of wild-ill-sick comfort slanging from the hip. The chino material also shows up in a range of baseball caps, to keep the lid as breezy as possible while providing optimal UVA/UVB protection for our bald brethren out there. In addition to all that good stuff is another go around for the French Terry sweatpant, hoodie, and crewneck — just in case you slept on the last release.

Honestly, it's just another good piece of work from Mr. Santis, and a strong follow-up to his debut collection. We're excited to see what the man has up his French Terry sleeves next.

We'll be sure to keep you guys up to date with prices and release information as soon as they're available.


UPDATE: The collection will be released Friday, July 11th and sold exclusively through their online shop.