Adidas continues to hold on to their winning silhouette, the ZX Flux, and reinterpret it to fit everyone's taste, to eventually TAKE OVER THE WORLD. Seriously, Adidas has been killing the game lately and it's only a matter of time before the ZX Flux takes over the game, thanks in part to its unlimited versatility. From the Adidas website:

Engineered from a 3d structured Jacquard material, the uppers in this pack are woven to perfectly reflect the panel structure of the 8000, whilst retaining the fast, minimal shape of the ZX Flux. Colour ways are carried through the midsole and heelcage in perfect harmony.

So, it looks like they're working on weaves to keep your feet extra light and airy this summer which makes these a must cop for FEET SWEATERS. Yes, we're talking directly to you, feet sweaters, do your girls a favor and get a sneaker that can breathe so every time you take off your kicks and slide into bed there isn't a faint smell of pickled cheese lingering in the air. Seriously.

You can help your girl breathe easy at night and grab these August 1 at Adidas outlets.