The only thing we hear while looking at these adidas sneaker is "Cha-ching." Okay, that was an abysmal pun, but you have to admit that these sneakers are straight money in the bank. Alright, that was another terrible pun, but these sneakers are straight cash, homie. What the fuck? How do you possibly call something cool without referring to it as currency? Just call it "cool"? "Cool" doesn't do these Kazuki Kuraishi and Mark McNairy joints justice. 

As anything McNasty, these sneakers are funny while still being minimal, a trademark that we're sure Kuraishi was looking for when he enlisted Mark's help, again. It's also exciting to see the designers team up for such a classic adidas silhouette, the Monte Carlo. If there's one thing these two designers know when they team up, it's how to pick an OG sneaker.

The sneakers are selling out quickly over at End Clothing for $145. Grab a pair quick.