We're offically calling these Kareem Abdul-Jabbar adidas the "Reems." That's a cool nickname, right? No? #Suckit. When you're setting trends and #influencing the fug out of teenage kids you're going to take an L every once in a while. You know what isn't taking an L? These Kareem sneakers — they're straight up fiyah.

The sneakers were made famous by the hook shooting bad ass during his time with the Lakers in the 80's and the good folks over at adidas have finally decided to bring them back again to let us young'ns get a taste. The sneaker is clean and mean, featuring a white high top upper and simple soles — just like they wore in the 80s. Obviously, nobody should be hooping in these sneakers because it's 2014 and #technology, but that doesn't mean we can't look good while wearing them.

The sneakers are currently available at French shop, Colette, and retail for about $97. Snatch 'em up, dudes.