The good folks over at adidas have really been on top of the signature tennis sneakers as of late. It started with the resurgence of the Stan Smith, which only made way for the Rod Laver, and now they've decided to give the Stefan Edberg silhouette a red makeover with the help of London sneaker boutique Footpatrol. The colorway is said to draw inspiration from the traditional dessert served at Wimbledon, strawberries and cream.

Speaking of strawberries and cream — who still eats that stuff? That's such a 1930s dessert. Just give us some Zebra Cakes and we're good, bro. Every girl is like "Ohhhhh it's so sexy." Nah, it's actually really messy and too sticky to mess with. You know what isn't sticky and too messy to deal with? Zebra Cakes, and these Edberg '86s. Everyone needs at least one pair of red sneakers in their life to give them some and these Edbergs are the perfect sneaker to step up to the plate.

You can grab these Edberg 86's at Haven Shop right now for approximately $133. The run is very limited so be sure to get your hands on them quickly.