Acronym, the tech-clothing kings that make cool videos like these, has dropped their new fall/winter lookbook — we think. To be perfectly honest, this lookbook is so futuristic we have no idea what's even going on here. There's this one jacket, the J1A-LP, in the collection that can get folded up like 13 different ways and can get slung over your back if you get tired of it. Yeah, the gallery above basically has eight photos of the same jacket because Acronym couldn't fit everything the jacket could do in one photo.

These jackets are more of a contraption than a piece of outerwear. You probably don't even put these on one arm at a time like a normal person — you probably  stand upright and let the jacket assemble around you like Tony Stark in an Ironman suit. Actually, Tony Stark would probably be the only guy to wear this because he'd be the only person on the planet smart enough to understand it — and afford it.

That's right, if you're looking to buy a piece from the brand you need to be:

1. Very rich.

2. Willing to sell off a kidney.

If you can't do both of those things, you can just drool over the clothing like we do on the brand's web store.